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What is The Toy Block Tape®?

What is The Toy Block Tape®?

Imagine being able to build downwards, sideways or even upwards. Furthermore what about onto other toys? The Toy Block Tape® does exactly that! All you have to do is snip a length of Toy Block Tape, stick it on and get building! As simple as that.

The Toy Block Tape is your child’s introduction to a world of imaginative building.

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Cutting-Edge Engineering

Cutting-Edge Engineering

The Toy Block Tape is dedicated to producing high quality products that meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

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The Toy Block Tape®

  • Compatiblity with LEGO®

    Compatible with LEGO® Blocks, Mega Bloks, Kreo and most major toy building block systems.

  • Environment Friendly

    A Non-Toxic silicon makes for worry-free play. And better for the environment economy with Green Future.

  • Great Gift

    The Toy Block Tape is an awesome gift for adults, youth and also kids. Make your family happier.

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Thank you The Toy Block Tape! Love all the colour selection! My son won't stop sticking it everywhere!

Harold King


Best item I have ever ordered Period.

Lee Russell


I love it, my sons room looks fantastic

Susan Lowther